Want your book to be a bestseller? I can help.

I offer a full range of editorial services for your needs at each stage of the writing and editing process. From first-time novelists developing a character’s backstory, to award-winning journalists and professionals with a book proposal in need of fine-tuning, you will find what you need here.

Your Idea

You wrote a novel, a nonfiction book proposal, or have a brilliant book concept, and you’re ready to take the next step toward publication.

Discover & Plan

We will work together to define a timeline, rates, and the appropriate services to elevate your work to a publishable level.

I, Editor

I will edit your manuscript or proposal with precision, empathy, and candor; if you prefer, I can also create content with you, hand-in-hand.

Manage & Grow

You will leave here with a clear plan of attack for cultivating, polishing, or marketing your book project to agents and publishers alike.