“Jaimee is a rare thing: a wonderful, meticulous editor who often replies the same day to emails. She is what every author wants, and was a dream to work with…She is fun as well as being extraordinarily efficient. Since she ventured out on her own, she is now free to use her many other talents and abilities, not just as an editor, but as a networker, thinker, encourager, and all-around friend to creative people everywhere. There are many editors and freelancers out there, but you don’t get better than Jaimee – and indeed I would say you can’t get better than Jaimee, since she is at the very top of her profession.”

Christopher Catherwood, professor, historian, author of Churchill’s Folly: How Winston Churchill Created Iraq (Carroll & Graf in the US, Constable in the UK) and A Brief History of the Middle East (Carroll & Graf)

“Jaimee has impressed me with the depth and precision of her insights. She knows what publishers want, and knows how to communicate those expectations to writers. If you’re looking for an excellent editor, look no further.”

Damon DiMarco, New York Times bestselling author of Tower Stories: An Oral History of 9/11 (Santa Monica Press) and Heart of War: Soldiers’ Voices From the Front Lines in Iraq (Citadel); coauthor of My Two Chinas: The Memoir of a Chinese Counter-Revolutionary with Baiquiao Tang (Prometheus)

“I sure am grateful for Jaimee. She took my words out for a spin, and when she came back, my book had received the wax, oil change, and tune-up I didn’t even realize it needed. There are very few editors out there that really take the time to empathize with the emotional connection authors have to their writing, but when she edits, Jaimee seems to live with the words, almost inside of them. She heard my voice pulsing in there, snagged it, and yanked out the best version possible. She rocks. Period.”

Buddy Wakefield, two-time Individual World Poetry Slam Champion, author of Gentleman Practice and Live For A Living (Write Bloody Publishing)

“I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with Jaimee for the past several years…Jaimee has proven to possess a keen eye for the production process. She is organized, dependable, efficient, and her pleasant disposition and sparkling personality make her a joy to be around. She is indeed an exceptional talent.”

Laura Vaccaro Seeger, Emmy Award-winning artist and animator, New York Times bestselling author of two Caldecott Honor Books, Green and First The Egg (Roaring Brook Press)

“Working with Jaimee Garbacik has been inspirational. More than just an editor, she has become a treasured confidant who made me rethink both my storytelling skills and writing style. Her criticisms are always insightful, constructive, and right on the money. She’s helped me sharpen my characters and plotline and rework the core meaning of my first novel to better reflect my true inner voice. Her style is strong, straightforward, and clearly conveyed in both her written notes and telephone conversations. I value her suggestions and know her editing skills will make any book oh so much better!”

Jeffrey L. Diamond, six-time Emmy Award-winning television writer and producer, journalist and creator of Dateline NBC, author of Live to Air (Greenleaf Book Group)

“Jaimee pays hawk-like attention to detail and never misses a beat in her editing skills. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, cadence and tone – her work is phenomenal and turn around speedy. Jaimee’s professionalism and work ethic are formidable. Even-tempered, personable, and a cheerleader for your work like no other, she is worth her weight in gold. Thanks to her, the at times excruciating task of writing and editing can be tolerable, and yes, even fun.”

Dr. Belisa Vranich, renowned clinical psychologist and media personality, author of He’s Got Potential: a field guide to shy guys, bad boys, intellectuals, cheaters and everything in between (Wiley) and Boys Lie (HCI)

“I wouldn’t have written the most important book of my life had it not been for Jaimee Garbacik. What can you say? Jaimee ‘Gets It.’”

Arnold Mann, Time magazine contributing writer; co-author with the world’s foremost neurosurgeon, Keith Black, MD, Brain Surgeon: A Doctor’s Inspiring Encounters with Mortality and Miracles (Hachette)

“In the years that Jaimee served as Acquisitions Editor for The Literary Group International, I was continually impressed by her dedication to cultivating authors’ voices, her consistent work ethic, and her attention to detail. She has helped many of my clients to develop bare concepts into polished manuscripts and book proposals that sold to major publishers. Jaimee has the unique ability to identify potential in a very rough draft, and articulate exactly what it will need to bring an author’s work to a publishable level. Balancing professionalism with her enthusiasm about the written word, Jaimee was a tremendous asset to our agency. Now that she has forged out on her own, I greatly value Jaimee’s input as a consultant, and I look forward to working on many projects with her in the future; I have complete confidence that she will continue to serve authors with a steady hand and a skillful eye.”

Frank Weimann, Director of Operations and Senior VP, Folio Literary Management; Founder and Former President, The Literary Group International

“Many editors know grammar but few know how to suss out author intent like Jaimee. She is the fastest, foxiest force of nature that not only helps to enhance our manuscripts, but knows when to give space to our poets who want room to take creative risks.”

Derrick Brown, President, Write Bloody Publishing

“I worked with Jaimee at The Literary Group over the course of several years. She was invaluable in terms of helping me to shape my book proposals into finished products. She has a strong grasp of what’s going on in the book world and an excellent sense of what will pique a publisher’s interest.”

Kathy Passero, coauthor of Blood Secrets: A Forensic Expert Reveals How Blood Spatter Tells the Crime Scene’s Story (Thomas Dunne Books)

“I worked closely with Jaimee prior to submitting [my first novel] Mania to publishers. She was the last set of eyes to peruse it prior to submission. Jaimee’s pitch perfect insight was instrumental in fine-tuning Mania for the marketplace. Jaimee has an eye for detail and an instinctive understanding of plot and character development. She helped me to give greater dimension to the book as a piece of writing and to hone it to the expectations of publishers, who in today’s market expect a relatively finished product. I am in her debt.”

Craig Larsen, author of Mania (Kensington), debuted at #2 on Amazon.com’s Kindle Store bestsellers list

“In working with Jaimee, I’ve had many occasions to admire her good taste, good sense, and good writing skills. She’d be a valuable ally for any writer who wants to improve and market a book.”

Michaela Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief, Citadel Press; Executive Editor, Kensington Publishing Corp.

“Jaimee’s an editing rock star with chops, brains, a keen eye, and attitude. She isn’t afraid to tell you what’s working with your project, what’s not working, what’s awesome, and what blows, but she does it in a kind, constructive way… so kind and constructive, in fact, that you’ll want to take her out for ice cream.”

Alan Goldsher, journalist and ghostwriter, author of Paul Is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion (Pocket Books) and Modest Mouse: A Pretty Good Read (St. Martin’s Press)